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How to go up in ranks Empty How to go up in ranks

Post by StarClan Leader on Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:01 pm

In a normal clan, every cat starts as a kit and must work they're way up to the desired rank. To go from Kit to apprentice, your clan leader must award you Karma points, the karma points idea is based off of the Skill Points from and the idea does not belong to me. I got permission from Shadestar to use the ideas a while ago. I'm listing the ranks to advance below:

-Kit to Apprentice: gain 20 karma points, 25 posts and 5 loyalty points.

-Apprentice to Warrior: Mentor must have taught you to at least 10 pages in training. 30 karma points, 30 loyalty points and 100 posts.

-To deputy: Chosen by leader

-Warrior to Senior warrior: Extrememly active, 60 karma points, 100 loyalty points, 500 posts

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